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Phangan Burgers
September 27, 2015
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Resort on the beach Koh Phangan

The little cute resort on the end of Shrithanu beach which has grown over the past few years into really something quite special on Koh Phangan. This little resort with its own chilled out character offers anyone who is looking for that ultimate peace and tranquilly a perfect place to retreat too. This was the a small resort and restaurant that once you had discovered you would kind of keep a secret, because of the great value for money cuisine and its lovely little charm of a spot at the end of Shrithanu beach.
A great little hide away with its lovely beach front restaurant with a perfect view to the West horizon giving you a sunset to remember every day you are there. beach-phangan-coveThe location of Phangan Cove is on the West coast next to a small village called Shrithanu, this village over the past few years has also grown with a fair amount of new restaurants and other businesses like bike rental shops, 7/11 and travel shops making your stay at Phangan Cove even more pleasant, knowing that a 5 minute walk away you can access this little village. Shrithanu is also a popular spot for Yoga and two of the largest Yoga centers are within walking distance from Phangan Cove, Agama Yoga and Orion Yoga both popular in the Yoga centers throughout the Island. Phangan Cove has now gone into its second phase of growth and had some more bungalows added and now with updated webpage for you to book online direct.

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